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To commemorate a familiar friend every holiday. Each cat is perched within a teacup. Just name the breed... 2 inches. (Please input both the code and desired breed from the list.)

C49 Black Cat

C07 Cornish Rex

C06 Cornish Rex Tort/White

C24 Japanese Bobtail Tort/Wht

C17 Maine Coon Brown Tabby

C16 Maine Coon Silver Tabby

C22 Manx Blk/Wht

C23 Manx Red

C19 Oriental Short Hair Wht

C09 Persian Red

C08 Persian White

C10 Ragdoll

C04 Red Tabby

C20 Scottish Fold Brown Tabby

C21 Scottish Fold Tort/White

C02 Shorthair Blk/Wht

C05 Shorthair Calico

C01 Shorthair Silver Tabby

C18 Siamese Cat

C03 Tabby Brown