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Depicting the bawdy side of Victorian life... Even the most dignified let their hair down every once in a while! One should always have a lighthearted assortment of all-occasion cards on hand for the ornery ones in your life. Assortment of 12.

You're how old?!!! Try to have a happy birthday anyway.
Happy Birthday... "Spring Chicken!"
I've gone to great lengths to wish you the happiest of birthdays.
Happy Birthday, Mom... (from one of your stinkers!)
So many freaks yet so few circuses... Happy Birthday from a Bunch of Clowns.
Another Birthday gives cause for a "big whine..." wishes to a Grand Vintage
Get a handle on it the nursing home is within reach. Happy Birthday, Youngster
Hay-appee Birfday... May your special day find you in the company of those you love but don't respect.
Maturity is measured by character, not by years... you're so old I could cry. Have a "bawl" on your birthday
Happy Birthday to a gentleman with a distinctive sense of style.
Best Wishes on Your "Bundle of Joy"!
I'm in the doghouse... Belated birthday wishes.