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#55 NE 5514650

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Legend has it that this pendant was commissioned by a spirited duchess named Cordelia who resided in Cornwall several centuries ago. The auburn-haired beauty fell victim to prearranged matrimony and endured loveless decades with a cruel, older man who provided for her every material need while neglecting her soul.

She mourned her loneliness and decided to end her life by plunging a knife into her heart. Cordelia sketched a simple heart with a droplet to signify her end, and entrusted the royal jeweler to engrave the final words "love me" upon the back with intent to wear the necklace at the time of her demise. Upon her departure with the coveted necklace, the jewelsmith was so saddened by her story that he followed her to the riverbank where he spared her and granted her final wish.

Though the replica is not engraved, the beveled crystal heart and drop are souvenirs of a story that endures as long as women long to be loved...

Handcrafted with Austrian crystals. Lead-free chain. 1.25 x .5" pendant. VTC Exclusive!

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