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There is no mystery as to our love of books here at Victorian Trading Co. They are a constant source of our inspiration and can often be spotted in our photos.

Ever-loved, these tomes have been cherished throughout the years. Their narratives read until their imagery became memories. Their ink and tea-stained pages maturing in an scent nearly as intoxicating as the words they held. Beauty within. . . And out for books published in the 1900's.

Being so, literature was pulled from our library to be considered for design of a new desk accessory. Seeing the arrangement of covers together was mesmerizing and inspired a new piece.

With a little rearranging of the covers by color and size, the pattern of our dear little quilt came to be. Our hope is that on a cold winter's day, hopeless romantics can steal away to their favourite nook and envelope themselves in this soft throw by these treasures of the past.

Patches feature the covers of Poems of Gray & Brontë, Longfellow, and Whittier.