Curiously Crafting with Hair

No doubt, the Victorians engaged in curious practices and pastimes and the commemorative craft of collecting hair for heartfelt creations was no exception to that eccentricity . The fascination with hair was partly due to its longevity.  Flesh and bones would turn to dust but hair kept its color for centuries and remained a lasting... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice Around The World

We have science to answer our questions about seasonal changes in nature, but there was a time when those answers didn’t exist. A time when fears ran rampant and people huddled together sharing stories and trying to explain why the darkness loomed and the nights grew longer. In their attempts to make sense of their... Continue Reading →

What The Victorians Wanted For Christmas

The picture that started it all!  Although Christmas had been celebrated all over the world in a variety of ways, it was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert that fanned it into a frenzy of fashionable trends.  In 1848 the Illustrated London News published a drawing of the royal family celebrating around a decorated Christmas tree... Continue Reading →

Origins Of Halloween

Halloween! Jack-o-lanterns and trick or treaters, costumes and fortune tellers...but where did they all come from?  The truth is that what we celebrate today is a stew of traditions made up of over 2000 years of rituals and superstitions and it all started with the Celts. The festival of Samhain is the ancestor of our... Continue Reading →

What is Your Teacup Trying to Tell You?

The next time you take a sip of tea, you might want to consider what oracles are lurking within your cup. Though the practice is simple, the messages are often profound, and curious minds have been enchanted by tasseography for centuries.  The ancient art of reading tea leaves has been making teacups into crystal balls... Continue Reading →

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