"This Kitten Has Claws" Pocket Knife

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Purrfect for opening letters or packages, slicing fruit, crafting, and, heaven forbid, emergencies. Our slender blade fortifies the independent woman throughout her day.

Carry in your purse, on your person as a fashionable accessory, or gift to a friend.

In History. . .
Scrimshaw is an art form that dates back over 200 years to the whaling days of New England. Using only a sharp pointed tool, soot, and grease, American whalers of the 18th and 19th centuries intricately etched scenes of the voyage and the hunt on a variety of ivories. Almost all of the scenes depicted were of ocean going vessels, and things to do with the sea. Excepted as one of the most important Folk Arts of our American history it had almost died out in the 19th century.

Today, this art is being perpetuated by artists who toil for hours to create pieces of unique beauty using sharp pointed tools and India ink. Linda Layden has been making scrimshaw for over 30 years and her work is in private collections, museums, galleries, fine gift shops and catalogs across United States.