Anne Koplik Forever Unicorn Vault Necklace

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Now and again, a piece appears that cannot be ignored. Our curators have exclusively obtained the sparse few left. . . The last of the unicorns.

Take this opportunity to own a piece of history. In another era, this rare etched pendant was once beheld as a button. Now it comes to you framed within transparent vintage glass for an everlasting heirloom.

Forever treasure a necklace featuring the head of a unicorn, a mystical creature that comes to us through the mists of antiquity.

About the Designer. . .
Over 35 years ago Anne Koplik began designing jewelry and started to buy batches of decorative glass stones to use in her designs, some made as far back as the early 1900's. Enchanted by these rare works of art, she created Anne's Vault, a collection of limited edition designs using these select pieces of magnificent vintage glass.