Blue Willow Teapot

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An exquisite vessel for fresh-brewed tea boasts an iconic Victorian chinoiserie pattern of twined cobalt roses upon fine bone china. The so-called "Willow" pattern came en vogue in England in the latter 18th c., born of British fascination with traditional Chinese ceramics and perhaps as well with the legendary love story accompanying the pattern.

According to lore, there was once a wealthy Mandarin with a beautiful daughter who fell in love with her father's humble household accountant. Her father angrily banished the man from his house and forbade his daughter to ever speak to her beloved again. He then arranged for her to marry a powerful duke just as soon as the willow tree shed its blossoms. On the eve of her wedding to the duke, the young accountant, disguised as a house servant, slipped into the palace and sought out his beloved. They quickly made their escape, commandeering the duke's boat and escaping to a secluded island where they hid away blissfully for many years. But the duke pursued them relentlessly and, upon eventually discovering their hiding place, vengefully ordered his soldiers to seize them and put them to death. The gods, moved by the young lovers' tragic plight, transformed them into a pair of doves.

Handcrafted in England.