Broomella The Hanging Kitchen Witch

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From countries old the legend came,
A witch could keep your kitchen tame.

That in her presence no roast will fume.
No sauce will burn. No pot be doomed.

It's even said cakes always rise.
And herbs stay fresh near all the time.

Though her magic we can't explain,
Of Broomella's spell not one complains.

Inspired by a charming custom from Scandinavia, our kitchen witch Broomella is thought to dispel of bad spirits. She is often given on the occasion of bridal showers or house warmings for good luck.

Should you procure her for yourself as Halloween decor, you may very well be convinced to let her hang all year long!

7 1/2 x 5 x 12".
Polyester, resin, and plastic.
Decorative, not a toy.